What we do...


PVX Engineering serves following activities.

 1. Static Equipment engineering.



- Preparation of mechanical data sheets, loading data and  technical specification

- Preparation of material requisition.

- Design for bidding.

- Vendor’s document review e.g. calculation, drawing, WPS, PQR. PWHT, Inspection test plan.

- Fabrication shop drawings (Tower, Drum, Shell and Tube   exchanger, Above ground Storage tank, Reactor) including bill of material

- Material procurement specification

- Design appraisal// Technical Bid Evaluation

- Cyclic and  Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


PVX engineering provides a wide range of mechanical and structural engineering services for Design, Analysis, Re-ratingandFitness-for-service evaluationsof following Pressure Equipment

- Tower, Drum, Reactor, Mixing vessel, Filter

- Shell and tube exchanger including re-rate

- API storage tank, Rectangular tank

- Process skid


Applicable Design Code / Standard

- ASME DIV 1, 2, AS 1210


- API 650, 620 , EN 14015

 2. Piping Engineering.

- Equipment Lay out- General arrangement drawing

- Piping isometric drawing with MTO

- Line list & tie in list

- Nozzle orientation plan- Piping supports

- Pipe stress analysis and flexibilities

- 3D Drawing by Auto plant 3D

3. Structural Engineering.

- General arrangement drawing with member size

- Structural analysis and design

- Structural detail drawing including column, beam, platform, ladder, handrail, stairway etc.

- Material take off list

4. Technical Training.

- Engineering knowledge.

- Intro to ASME sec VIII Code,  TEMA,  API 650- Heat Exchanger Mechanical Design

- Construction Materials.